This is the story of a man locked in a pattern of destructive behaviour who rediscovers his passion for music and learns to give and accept love.


Jago Godard lives and works in a warehouse studio as a producer of World Music  in a decaying suburb of Paris. Born to an American mother and a French father during the struggle for Algerian Independence, Jago’s memories of the death of his parents in that conflict resurface causing his once successful career to falter.


His inner turmoil is reflected in the chaos of the surrounding streets filled with the stench of tear gas, the glittering arc of petrol bombs and the heat of burning vehicles as immigrants battle Gendarmerie in protest against the lack of jobs and decent housing.


In his quest to come to terms with his past Jago gets support from Khalid, an old Algerian musician and family friend, Angelique, a talented and beautiful Malian singer, Toure, a gifted Malian kora player and Ibrahim, a young street-wise Algerian, heavily involved in the riots.  He is opposed by Etienne, a ruthless drug dealer and slum landlord obsessed by Angelique.  


A vibrant North African music track will give atmospheric light and shade to the action.  


A dream cast would include Vincent Cassel as Jago, Fatoumata Diawara as Angelique, Tahir Rahim as Ibrahim, Omar Sy as Toure and Jean Reno as Khalid.


Although initially written in English it will be filmed in French (including verlan slang) with English sub-titles.  


The script has been workshopped at BAFTA and was shortlisted for a Sundance Screenwriting Fellowship.


Registered with The Writers Guild of America, West  Reg No.173368



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JAGO: Listen Ibrahim, when you were a baby, was your cradle rocked too close to the wall?

Ibrahim looks puzzled.

JAGO: The CRS will pick on anyone who stands out.

IBRAHIM: They thrashed us with their water cannons at the demo.

JAGO: A demo about what?

IBRAHIM: No jobs.

JAGO: You’ve got a job with me.

IBRAHIM: Most don’t.

JAGO: The CRS are not going to make a distinction between peaceful protestors and terrorists.

IBRAHIM: Can't do nothin’ when my bros are being blown away.

JAGO: Stay focused on this job.

Ibrahim remains silent

JAGO: A time will come when you have to make a choice.